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Introducing the Topcon RL-H5 Rotating Laser

Feb 19, 2018

Topcon Introduces the New RL-H5A to Replace the RL-H4C

Topcon has recently introduced a new series of rotating lasers- the RL-H5. This new lineup includes the RL-H5A and a more affordable solution called the RL-H5B. The RL-H5A will now replace the RL-H4C rotating laser. 


The RL-H5 Rotating Laser Series totes high horizontal accuracy, automatic self-leveling, long range, extra long battery life, and a tough IP66 weatherproof rating. Similar to the RL-H4C, the RL-H5A has an accuracy of 1.5mm. Adversely, the RL-H5B (remember this is the more affordable solution) has an accuracy of 3.0 mm.

Further differences exist between the new RL-H5A and RL-H5B lasers such as slope and range. While the RL-H5A has a manual 1 axis slope, the RL-H5B does not have the capability of performing a manual slope. Additionally, the RL-H5A has a larger range of effective use (2-800m) than the RL-H5B (2 - 400m).

To learn more about the differences between these new solutions, view the RL-H4C vs RLH5 Series Comparison chart below (provided to us by our partners at Topcon).


RL-H4C vs RL-H5 Comparison






 LD 635nm Class2(EU)/3R   LD 635nm Class2(EU)/3R  LD 635nm Class2

Range (Diameter)

 2 - 800 m  2 - 800 m  2 - 400 m


 10" (=1.5mm@30m)  10" (=1.5mm@30m)  20" (=3.0mm@30m)

Rotation speed

 600rpm  600rpm  600rpm

Protective glass

 Yes  Yes  Yes


 Manual 1 axis  Manual 1 axis  N/A


 ±5°  ±5°  N/A

Self leveling

 ±5°, 1 min  ±5°, 1 min  ±5°, 1 min

Remote control

 No  No  No


 LS-80L/LS-100D  LS-80L/LS-100D  LS-80L

Dry Batt

 100 hrs  100 hrs  100 hrs

Rech. Batt

 60 hrs  60 hrs  N/A

Run Charge

 Yes  No  No


 L177xW196xH217  L172xW211xH205  L172xW211xH205


 2.4 kg  2.3 kg  2.3 kg


 IP66  IP66  IP66


 5 years  5 years  5 years


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