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Benchmark Ag Introduces Agronomic Solutions

Feb 15, 2018

Richmond, VA – February 16, 2018 - Benchmark Agriculture Solutions recently introduced Agronomic Services to its solutions, completing its repertoire of Agricultural Solutions. The company will now offer services such as soil sampling, custom drain tile installation, pH mapping, soil mapping, and organic matter mapping. To enhance its soil sampling maps, Benchmark Ag invested in the Veris Platform, a new soil sensor solution. 

“The Veris data is the foundation of our agronomy services,” says Keith Dunn of Benchmark Ag. By scanning a field's physical, biological and chemical properties, the Veris Platform creates soil sampling zones that are later sampled separately and sent to a lab for evaluation. Lab results subsequently help to create a detailed soil map showing different soil properties. “Our end goal is to do a better job of applying fertilizer and nutrients where they’re needed most so that we can save farmers time and money,” comments Dunn.

About Benchmark Agriculture Solutions

Benchmark Agriculture Solutions has been a specialist provider of precision agriculture solutions since 2005. As a division of Benchmark Tool & Supply, we are a dedicated department that specialized in:

  • Feed Management & Weighing Systems
  • Accuracy, Guidance & Autosteering
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