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Liquid Application
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Liquid Application

DirectCommand™ Liquid Application

Ag Leader’s DirectCommand™ ISOBUS Liquid system provides advanced tools for control and critical system information visibility for today’s increasingly sophisticated application equipment. Additionally, data collected in the field is readily accessible via .pdf or on your iPad for government reporting, in-field productivity scouting and input purchasing decisions.

Revolutionary Liquid Control

Total Liquid Application Control to Meet Today's Challenges

Ease of Use. The unique Load and Go feature takes the guesswork and stress out of setting up the UT sprayer configuration. The tank mix menu was recreated to be simple to use yet detailed enough for today’s tough regulations.

Coverage. Droplet Size Monitoring allows users to easily enter their spray tip characteristics and the system will determine the droplet size given the boom pressure. This easily allows operators to manage spray drift and ensure proper chemical efficacy.

Low Flow Situations. When the target rate is small or when applying with most of the boom sections off, our system will automatically read the more accurate feedback of the pressure sensor rather than the flow meter, ensuring proper application rate at all times.

Performance. 36-section boom valve support; DirectCommand™ supports more shutoff sections than ever before. Support for a wide variety of UT displays, control valves, flow meters, temperature sensors and pressure sensors ensures the compatibility you need.

Documentation. AgFiniti® Mobile and SmartReports™ are two tools that make application documentation a cinch.

Reliability. Internally tested over several thousand acres and numerous Universal Terminals, the ISOBUS Liquid Control Module comes standard with the proven reliability synonymous with the Ag Leader name.

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    Liquid Application

DirectCommand™ Liquid Application

Proper Plant Coverage

Droplet Size Monitoring

With emerging weed resistance across the country, it is more crucial than ever to apply product correctly ensuring the best chemical efficacy and coverage. Droplet Size Monitoring is the best way to ensure proper plant coverage and is available right from the run screen. As an example, when using a contact herbicide, a fine droplet size and high volume of carrier per acre is necessary to ensure the product application is thorough and effective.

Pressure Fallback

Do you know how flow meters handle low flow situations? Not effectively. The Pressure Fallback feature ensures proper coverage in these scenarios.

As an example, when the operator slows down at the edge of field with the majority of sections shutoff, effective weed control may not occur because the flow meter is recognizing an incorrect flow rate. With Pressure Fallback, the system automatically uses the pressure sensor to accurately calculate the desired rate and ensure consistent coverage - saving you from spotty weeds and re-application.

How to Avoid Spray Drift and killing neighboring fields.

Each agro-chemical has a droplet category which specifies how it is to be best applied. This information is readily found on the product label.

As an example, this herbicide requires a coarse droplet size to effectively saturate the plant.

By glancing at the gauge, the operator sees that a fine droplet size is being applied, which prevents this particular herbicide from working effectively and may also result in spray drift. Simply slowing down the speed to reduce the pressure and return to a course droplet size would correct these errors.

Easy Spray Tip Management

The DirectCommand ISOBUS Liquid Module takes drift control one step further with real-time monitoring of droplet size based on current system pressure and an easy to use interface and dynamic color-coded pressure gauge. Apply with accuracy, efficiency and safety. Here's how:

1.) Simply enter the characteristics of your tips in the wizard or chose yours from one of the several commonly found ISO tips already entered.

2.) Look for the indicator on the left side of the run screen and use vehicle speed to control droplet size to reduce drift and apply with the best coverage.

View two screens at once The all in one display

Ag Leader’s new InCommand™ display brings enhanced mapping including split screen, allowing the operator to view multiple real-time pieces of information including map screen and universal terminal at the same time. And when paired with AgFiniti® Mobile, growers can seamlessly take their maps with them.

Effortless Documentation

Effortless Application Reports

Simplify application reporting with SmartReports™ to generate detailed reports for government recordkeeping. Automatically generate .pdf reports that provide location, product information, applied totals, as-applied maps and more right from the display.

Mobile Documentation

With AgFiniti® Mobile, applicators can take their maps with them on their iPad®, allowing for quick and convenient decision-making and application documentation. For example, variable rate control data collected at application can easily be synced on the iPad® to take with you to the field for scouting, reporting and spot checks.

SMS Viewing

Powerful Desktop Software

Use SMS™ desktop software to create variable rate application prescriptions, view and analyze application coverage maps and much more.

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