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Lithko Contracting Stays on Schedule and Under Budget with Dual Dozer



Lithko Contracting, a national, full-service concrete contracting company, stays on schedule and under budget by shortening time and resources spent on fine-grading projects with the HitchDoc Dual Dozer compact grading system.


As a Project Lead at Lithko Contracting, Shane Lisk is tasked with increasing efficiency on fine-grading projects on commercial concrete jobs. The company takes on numerous types of structural projects, including parking decks, podium slabs, high-rise buildings and other tilt work.

Lithko was recently contracted to build the foundation and tilt-up walls for an addition to an OPW building in Smithfield, North Carolina, where fueling containment systems are manufactured. To increase efficiency on the project, Lithko added the Dual Dozer compact grading system to its equipment cache.


The Dual Dozer is a compact grading system that attaches to a skid-steer loader. It’s patented skid steer mount, which is independent of the power unit, allows the blade to articulate up to 8” while holding a precise grade. The Dual Dozer is the only machine on the market with dual laser controls that allow operators to push or pull material and eliminate wheel tracks on the final pass.

Greater versatility with wheels in back feature

The system particularly appealed to Lisk because its wheels in back feature make it more versatile on the job site. While many compact grading systems have wheels in front of the cutting edge, the Dual Dozer has its wheels behind its cutting edge, allowing greater access to confined areas.

“If the wheels are in the front of the machine, that piece of equipment is now five feet longer, depending on where the wheels are set. If you need to get into a corner, you only have five feet – that’s as far as you can go. Having the wheels in the back of the Dual Dozer is a great benefit; I’m only the width of the blade which is 18 inches,” said Lisk.

Easy to set-up and operate

Lisk can quickly and easily connect the Dual Dozer to a skid steer now that he is familiar with the connections and setup. “Once you get the connections right by doing it once or twice and you know where everything goes, you can have it set up in five minutes,” said Lisk. Adjustable settings allow operators to speed up or slow down the machine based on desired speed and type of material they’re working with.

Reduce human error with laser guides

The Dual Dozer is guided by dual laser controls, which take out a lot of potential for human error. With the Topcon dual slope laser, Lisk sends out a plane of light that the Topcon laser receivers detect, keeping him on grade with extreme accuracy. According to Benchmark Sales Representative Andy Pugh, a major asset to this feature is that operators can work with a vertical offset. “Working with a vertical offset leaves the material a little higher than finish grade so the operator can roll or compact to finish grade height,” said Pugh.


The use of the Dual Dozer has eliminated the potential cost of outsourcing fine grading. In Lisk’s experience, while subcontractors are typically able to cover 35,000 - 40,000ft² per day, he covered 70,000ft² in just his first day with the Dual Dozer. Now, Lisk is better able to adhere to schedule and stay on track, saving the company lots of time and money going forward.

 “Exceptional customer support from Benchmark Tool & Supply helped us greatly during the setup process. The team brought out the equipment and planned everything for an initial run. The team made recommendations on the type of laser we should consider, including receivers and hookups.”

About Lithko Contracting

Lithko Contracting, LLC is a full-service concrete contracting company with a unique local service model designed to keep co-workers close to home and support career growth. Strong teams are built to create exceptional customer service in each of our towns. Lithko becomes part of the community through our involvement and by the durable concrete structures our teams help create. Lithko's comprehensive, in-depth planning and highly precise execution make our local teams ideal partners to deliver on customer expectations.

Lithko operates 15+ BURGS (Business Unit Running Great) in approximately 35 states, from the Carolinas to Colorado. Each BURG is a full-service concrete contractor that uses Lithko processes to deliver exceptional results. Customers and co-workers get the best of both worlds. They enjoy the resources and opportunities only a large commercial concrete contractor can offer, as well as the close relationships and accountability a hometown team can provide.


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 Extra Content: See how Shane Lisk sets up the HitchDoc Dual Dozer.

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