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Clancy & Theys Increases Collaboration Through Technology

Integration of technology like the GT Series Robot connects with BIM Software to increase communication. 


Clancy & Theys Construction Company builds a wide range of project types from office buildings to hotels and religious buildings. On large projects, Clancy & Theys increases collaboration and prevents potential planning inconsistencies through integrated technology like the Topcon Robotic Total Station and building information modelling.


Lance Gawthrop, Field Engineer at Clancy & Theys, stands on the outskirts of a project underway in Morrisville, NC. “This is the Churchill project,” he explains, “It’s an office space building that we’re leaving wide open so that the tenants can make the modifications that they need.”

Gawthrop utilizes the Topcon Robotic Total Station throughout several phases of the project. Using the total station, he quickly stakes out geospatial points throughout the site that are used as reference points when laying out curb and gutter, framing and more.

"Laying out control points the old way would have required two-three people. It would have taken about twelve minutes per point. By myself with the Robotic Total Station, I can do it in five minutes. So we sped up the process and we cut the man hours."


Key Features

Gawthrop was drawn to the robotic total station because of its convenient features like quick-lock and auto-track. “It sends radio feedback to the total station,” he says, “When we have an object come by us like an excavator or a worker, it reconnects almost instantly.”

The robotic total station also allows Gawthrop to act as a one-man crew, eliminating the need for support and permitting him to move much faster. On the most recent project, Gawthrop staked out around 250 points which provided him with the information necessary to pour almost 1,400 feet of curb and gutter. As opposed to conventional methods, Gawthrop estimates that he almost tripled the speed of the process.





FC-5000 Field Controller

Running the magnet-field software within the FC-5000 field controller allows Gawthrop to control the robotic total station and import/export data in the field. “This is called the FC-5000. It’s a Topcon tablet that lets me import DWGs. It’s really useful when we lay out curb and gutter points because it gives me a map that I use to help orient myself in the field. It gives me consistent live feedback so if I need to go to the North 3/4’’ or to the South 14’, then it will constantly tell me.”



Seamless Connection to BIM 

Harry McKinney, the Director of Virtual Design & Construction at Clancy & Theys, uses technology like AutoDesk software to create detailed building information models. Control points obtained with the robotic total station can be integrated into the 3D building models helping connect members in the field to the office. 

According to McKinney, “By integrating BIM with tools like our robotic total station, we’re creating an ideal environment for representatives from our team to sit down, exchange ideas and collaborate.” Using BIM throughout the construction process allows members of the entire team to integrate information into one complete database.”


Clancy & Theys works together in a more efficient way through technology. “It’s about us sitting down together sharing ideas trying to understand what the subcontractor needs to do, what the architect wants to see in the finished building and what the owner needs,” says McKinney. Tools like the Robotic Total Station and BIM software ensure that they remain precise and communicative throughout the entire building process.


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