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Go Unmanned is dedicated to helping and serving you in any way we can. We design, service and educate our clientele in every drone application out there: Agriculture, Construction, Search & Rescue, Aerial Photography… you name it! With a staff devoted to outfitting and customizing drone & UAV Systems, we will assist you in the drone package you need.

Services Include:
• Pilot Training - Beginner & Advanced
• Custom Design - With many customized drones under our belt already, we're happy to help you create your vision
• Repair - We'll fix your drone & return it to you asap
• Aerial Photography
• Aerial Mapping
• Fly-for-hire with Survey Outputs

Give us a call today to discuss your special projects or to ask a simple question.
We are passionate about drones and would love to share that with you!



Survey and Construction

With the Spreading Wings platforms you can get work done faster than ever before.  Using our drone technology and mapping software, you can quickly create a 3D Map of your job site that can give you access to a wide array of data including:

  • Volume Calculations
  • Aerial Topography
  • 3D Models of Infrastructures and Job Sites
  • Generate Contour Lines
  • Seamlessly import into GIS and CAD software


For more information about using drones in Construction, visit our sister company Benchmark Tool & Supply at or call at (866) 342-7665.




Growing crops is expensive.  With the high costs of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, it can be hard to keep costs down.  But what if you could be more conservative with your chemicals and save yourself some money?  Drones can help you do just that!

Quickly fly over your field to collect valuable data. This information will save your farm both time and money, so you can spend more time with those you care about. Our drones allow you to:

  • Develop Terrain Maps
  • Develop NDVI Maps
  • Detect Irrigation Problems
  • Produce a SKIP Map
  • Measure crop health


We partner with AgWorx Inc to provide you with the best precision agriculture equiptment available. Visit their web page at


Real Estate

Drones will change the way we look for houses.  Aerial photography allows you to show the home and the neighborhood in their entirety.  With HD video quality, homeowners can feel more comfortable with the value they're getting before they ever step foot on the property. Next time you show a house, the future homeowner will know for sure that they want it, and all you have to do is show them.


Search and Rescue

Saving lives is a tall order and you can't spare to waste any time.  With drones you can quickly size up the whole scene to know what exactly is going on.  Whether you're a firefighter, police officer, a beach lifeguard, drones be a powerful tool in your rescue missions.



Give the public a birds-eye view of local events.  No need to own a helicopter when you can drive up to the scene and easily show the world what's really going on.  We all know what it feels like standing in a huge crowd behind that 7 foot tall giant.  Spare your viewers that frustration and give them the perfect view.


Animal Management

Whether you're in wildlife conservation or a sheperd boy, drones belong in your tool kit.  Let your animals roam freely in open space as you keep an eye on them from above.  You can quickly get a head count and make sure your herd is safe for the night.


Everyday Fun

On top of everything else you can do with a drone, your number one priority should be to have fun. Fly it, take amazing pictures, or even race it if you like!  It's like the modern day kite flying adventure!



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