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Matrice 600 + Cargo Hook Everything You Need Kit [Training Included]
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Matrice 600 + Cargo Hook Everything You Need Kit [Training Included]

Matrice 600 Cargo Hook Package:

  • Matrice 600
  • Zenmuse X5 Cam
  • 18 TB-48S Batteries (3 Full Flights!)
  • Remote Controller
  • iPad Mini 4
  • Monitor Hood
  • Custom Cargo Hook
  • Microraptor Hard Case 
  • Includes 2 days training!


  • $19449.00
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    M600 Visual Package


The big advantage of the M600 is its capability to carry heavy cameras and accessories while still maintaining stability and steadiness in the air. Another bonus is that the Matrice 600's system can seamlessly integrate with DJI's full range of Zenmuse gimbals and cameras. The Matrice 600's six rotors and batteries are a highlight of its design, giving users added safety in flight along with an extended flight time. The upgradable A3 system is also a never before seen feature adding extra accuracy, reliability, and precision to the system..” — Alissa Crane, Dr. Drone , July 27, 2016


Total Integration

The modular design makes the Matrice 600 easy to customize. The dust proof propulsion systems simplify maintenance while actively cooled motors ensure reliable operation. The M600 is compatible with all Zenmuse cameras and gimbals and can withstand a maximum payload of 6 kg. 


18 Batteries for Extended Flight Time

The M600 uses 6 DJI Intelligent Batteries per flight, allowing for longer flighttime. Our package includes 18 TB48S batteries which creates 3 full flights! Flights with no load have a max flight time of 40 min using the TB48S battery. The M600 features an extended flight distance of 5 km.


Professional HD Transmission

DJI Lightbridge 2 has been designed to meet the requirements of professional broadcasting, offering high frame rates and HD live streaming. USB, mini-HDMI and 3G-SDI ports support video output at up to 1080p/60fps or a broadcast standard output of 720p/59.94fps and 1080i/50fps.


Cargo Hook

The modified M600 platform has a custom-built attachment plate that holds a light-weight cargo hook. With just a click of a switch on the remote controller, the hook ensures systematic release of the load. This allows the drone to transport up to twelve pounds of survival gear like flotation devices, water, food and radios to a person in need.

*The heavier the carrying load, the shorter the flight time.



Zenmuse X5 Camera

The Zenmuse X5 packs a powerful sensor that’s capable of recording 4K videos at up to 30 fps and capturing still images at 16MP.




Everything You Need - Nothing You Don't

This M600 package provides Search and Rescue Professionals with everything they need to quickly and efficiently locate a missing person and provide them with survival gear until further safety comes along.


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