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Smartplanes Freya Standard

  • Fully customizable

  • Able to launch in less than 10 minutes
  • Flies for over 55 minutes on a single battery
  • Auto-pilot assisted manual landing option
  • Withstands winds of up to 13 m/s
  • Flexible design
  • Capable of withstanding hard impact
  • Performs missions for surveying, mapping, mining, agriculture & so much more!
  • $20000.00
  • Weight
    3.3000 lbs
  • SKU

SmartPlanes Freya Standard


Package Includes:

  • SmartPlanes Freya Drone
  • Two batteries
  • Mission-Planning Software
  • Ground Control Station
  • R/C Radio Transmitter
  • Digital Camera
  • LG Tablet 8.0
  • Spare Parts & Repair Kit
  • Strong Metal Case


"The quality is so outstandingly good we can save a lot of time planning our actions and achieve a greater accuracy directly on the drawing board with drone images.” - Jerker Bylander, October 22, 2014 


Recommended additions to purchase:

  • Two full days of training 
    • Call 1-866-UAV-5777 to request training price quote
  • Pix4D mapping software


Easy to Launch

With a few easy steps, the SmartPlanes Freya can unpack and launch! Simply pull the aircraft out of the case, assemble by sliding the wings together and connecting the body, connect the ground control station to the aircraft, build your mission using the LG Tablet, complete a pre-flight check, and finally launch the drone!

User Friendly

The Freya is easy to use and fun too! Launch it by simply throwing it into the air like a football. You can control it manually or let the autopilot fly for you. 

Wind Resistant

With it's strong wind mode, the SmartPlanes Freya is designed to withstand winds of up to 13 m/s. This mode can be activated with the mere flick of a switch when the weather gets rough.

Lengthy Flight-Time

With just a single battery charge, the SmartPlanes drone can fly over 55 minutes! When you're ready to switch batteries, simply land the drone, replace the battery, and take off again! Your package includes TWO batteries, so you'll always have a spare.




The Freya is an exceptional tool for getting a quick overview of crops & farmland so that you can analyze crops, detect insect infestations early on, discover water issues, and much more. 

Surveying & Mining

Using the SmartPlanes Freya, you can quickly survey large areas with high precision. After your flight, input the data in your computer to generate orthophotos to document, collect inventory, explore surfaces, collect volume calculation of stockpiles, etc. 


Use the SmartPlanes Freya to map forests, find wind-thrown trees, monitor damage from insects, etc. By achieving a view from the sky, you will save time, increase efficiency, and remove any damage from the forest floor normally caused by feet on the ground during regular surveying.


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