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Construction & Surveying


Modern construction projects operate on a scale never before seen in human history. Requiring unprecedented amounts of materials and heavy machinery, today’s contraction projects are marvels of engineering and efficiency.

Material stockpiles need to be closely monitored to ensure sufficient supply. Monitoring often requires multiple people large amounts of time, but can now be achieved quickly by one person through a combination of DJI UAV technology and advanced photogrammetry technologies. This technique can be used to create 3D models at


Resource extraction firms today face intense pressure from low commodity prices and regulatory pressures. Operational efficiency is fundamental to sustaining sites through difficult market conditions, and data captured by UAVs can provide fundamental insights.

Rapid surveying with ground control points (GCPs) allow for

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Atlas-M Atlas-M Professional Mapping Package
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950074 SIRIUS Pro
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950350 Smartplanes Freya Standard
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950122 Pix4D Mapper Pro Software Suite
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950266 DJI Matrice 100
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950057 DJI S1000+
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